Before it reaches the social media!

Alert of bad customer experience (before it reaches the social media!)

When a customer has a long wait time, finds poor cleaning, or does not find a product, we do not usually know about this or it is too late when we find out. Surveys and the information of books of complaints arrive once the customer has already left. The customer may not come back, and it is little and expensive what we can do to get him back. In addition, every comment made on the social media will affect the brand.

Through QRs and the Qualiazone system customers may inform the franchise´s owner directly, the responsible of quality and of the store simultaneously:

1 The customer informs directly, without intermediaries and the need to download an app.

2 If the same suggestion is repeated within a short time and in the same store, an ALERT is sent to the owner, managers, or bosses´ mobile or PC.

  1. At that moment or some days later the system will inform the customer if the problem has been solved, if the product is available, or if there is some kind of compensation.

4 Every suggestion will be recorded in a control panel that will measure the evolution based on dates and store information.

Technology with culture of service builds bridges of communication without limits!

(¡antes que llegue a las redes!)