“Talk to me slowly, I´m in a hurry” could be a very good slogan today in customer service.

The customer needs to be spoken to in a calm tone and that we repeat any information necessary to do what they came to do as quickly as possible.


COMMUNICATING WHILE WEARING A MASK is the new challenge in customer service. Yesterday while a cashier at the supermarket asked me to give her my card while keeping the distance I thought, is she asking me in a good or bad manner? Honestly, I couldn´t figure it out because I couldn´t see part of her face! The same happened to me at the bank.

I guess this happens to many customers and, consequently, may lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, there is a new issue to deal with regarding communication. We are facing a major CHANGE IN NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION. How do I transmit courtesy, empathy, willingness from a distance and with half of our face covered?

Keeping your DISTANCE is a key factor in healthcare and co-living.

It also demands a new code, new hand and arm gestures, new volume in the tone of voice the others must learn to interpret.

The pure WORD has a new essential value, it is key to understand each other. It must be accurate and measured to organize and ease the branch and common areas.

To the “reset” in our daily activities we must add the “reset” in communication to help the front office and the customer communicate and CONNECT in this new context.